Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

■ How do I sign up for piano/voice lessons?
You can contact Anneliese Messner at 650-678-0225 by phone/text or email her at

■ Do you teach children?
Yes, I teach piano and voice lessons to beginners from age 3 and a half upwards.

■ How old do you need to be to start with piano and voice lessons?
I teach children from the age of 3 and a half upwards.

■ What are the basics?
At first, piano and voice students start with learning the names of the notes, combined with elements of basic music theory and rhythm.

■ What types of music can students learn?
I offer students a wide range of music genres, from classical to pop, jazz, rock, blues and musicals.

■ Do you include music theory in music lessons?
Music theory is essential for understanding and appreciating music and is included in piano and voice lessons from the beginning.

■ How do I choose a piano/keyboard?
I can help advise you which instrument to buy.

■ Do piano and voice students get opportunities to perform?
Yes! There are three recitals during the year, which students are welcome to perform in. Should students choose not to participate, they can come and watch if they like.

■ Where is your Music Studio located?
Anneliese Messner’s Music Studio is located at 733 Old County Rd. B in Belmont.