Piano Lessons

Anneliese Messner started taking music lessons at the age of four. She is thankful to her mother, who was her first piano teacher and awakened her deep love and appreciation of music. Anneliese has many years of experience as a piano and voice instructor and choral director in the USA and Europe. She teaches children and adults, beginners and advanced students, and offers them a wide range of learning opportunities. She enjoys making her private piano lessons focused, challenging and fun. Her Music Studio is located at 733 Old County Rd. B in Belmont.

Piano lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. Students are able to play easy basic piano pieces quickly. Various piano method books are used to ensure that students are exposed to piano technique, music theory, artistry, ear training as well as multiple musical styles ranging from classical to pop, jazz, blues and modern. Some examples of piano books for children and adults are Piano Adventures, Alfred, Dozen a Day, Schaum and Heumann. Students are welcome to participate in three recitals per school year. If students choose not to perform, they can come and watch if they like.